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Free downloadable recipe! ---------------------------------------------- Cooking level: Beginner Duration: 1.5 hours Number of pages: 3 pages *See our recipes using this vinegared rice. Deco-MAKI "SHIKAI-MAKI" (Decorative MAKI-ZUSHI) Deco-MAKI "Flower" (Decorative MAKI-ZUSHI) GOMOKU CHIRASHI-ZUSHI (SUSHI) ---------------------------------------------- There are various types of sushi, such as NIGIRI ZUSHI, MAKI ZUSHI, CHIRASHI ZUSHI, and INARI ZUSHI. (In Japan, often sound changes when the words are combined, like SUSHI to ZUSHI.) The essential ingredient for all types of SUSHI is vinegared rice, called SHARI in Japanese. Vinegared rice is a mixture of vinegar, sugar, salt and cooked rice and can be easily made at home. About 80% of the world's rice is long and slender indica rice, but short japonica rice is the most suitable for vinegared rice. At fussy SUSHI restaurants, sometimes very special rice are used, such as aged rice or red rice. Of course, nothing wrong with normal white rice at home.

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