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Deco-MAKI "Flower" (Decorative MAKI-ZUSHI)

400 JPY

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Cooking level: Intermediate Duration: 1 hour (Excluding vinegared rice making time) Number of pages: 4 pages *Please refer to the photos for samples on each page. *To make vinegared rice, see our free recipe of “Basic vinegared rice”. https://contact272.stores.jp/items/5ef9ed66df62a9369ece9064 ---------------------------------------------- For Japanese, MAKI-ZUSHI/Sushi roll is a familiar dish that can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores. Deco-MAKI is a new style of photogenic MAKI-ZUSHI that focuses on visual impact. It is mainly to enjoy the designs appears on the cross section when they are cut by adding color and flavor to vinegared rice and contains a few ingredients. However, Deco-MAKI gives us the pleasure of making it.

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