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Char siu RAMEN (Pork RAMEN)

400 JPY

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Cooking level: Intermediate Duration: 1.5 hours (Excluding noodles making time) Number of pages: 4 pages *Please refer to the photos for samples on each page. *To make RAMEN noodles, see our free recipe of "Basic RAMEN noodles". https://contact272.stores.jp/items/5f38f1df7df28102d08dbd07 ---------------------------------------------- Char siu is an essential ingredient as a ramen topping. Most RAMEN are topped with one or two pieces of char siu, but in Char siu RAMEN you can enjoy much more char siu. The taste of RAMEN soup depends on the combination of broth and seasonings. Char siu is a good topping for any soup.

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