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Two types of MISO-ZUKE

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Cooking level: Beginner Duration: 30 minutes Number of pages: 3 pages *Please refer to the photos for samples on each page. ---------------------------------------------- MISO-ZUKE is a dish in which MISO can be said as the main ingredient. Marinating fish or meat in MISO-based sauces creates a unique flavor while reducing the bloody smell. The most common MISO used for MISO-ZUKE is white MISO. White MISO is sweet and low in salt, and goes well with a wide variety of ingredients. MISO-ZUKE is also called "SAIKYO-ZUKE," but this term was originally used only for those made with SAIKYO MISO, a type of white MISO. Rice MISO, the most common type of MISO is also used for MISO-ZUKE. This type of MISO is less sweet and more salty than white MISO. This MISO has a wide range of uses, including MISOSHIRU and simmered dishes, so many people would always have this. In this recipe, let's make two kinds of MISO-ZUKE, with white MISO and rice MISO.

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