One of the things foreign visitors to Japan look forward to is, "eating Japanese food." On this page, you can buy authentic Japanese recipes in English and download them as PDF files. The recipes are prepared by Japanese instructors from Sakura Cook, a cooking school in Osaka. It includes explanations of Japanese ingredients and menus that may be unfamiliar to foreigners and will help your knowledge of Japanese food to deepen. It shows you how to prepare and cook Japanese food with lots of pictures in detail, so even beginners will be able to make Japanese food smoothly. It also suggests alternatives for ingredients difficult to obtain overseas. Please feel free downloading the free recipes before you purchase the recipe you want. Please enjoy your Japanese cooking! 和食は世界の人々に愛されており、日本が誇るべき文化の1つです。その和食の本格的なレシピをこのページではお買い求めいただけます。 レシピを作っているのは、大阪の料理教室Sakura Cookの指導者です。外国人にもわかりやすいよう基礎から丁寧に解説していますので、日本人の初心者にも最適です。お好きなレシピをご購入の前に、無料のレシピをダウンロードしてください。 和食の魅力を再発見し、料理をお楽しみください!