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Cooking level: Beginner Duration: 45 minutes Number of pages: 3 pages *Please refer to the photos for samples on each page. ---------------------------------------------- "TONJIRU", a kind of MISOSHIRU with pork is a classic menu served in restaurants, schools, and company cafeterias throughout Japan. In addition to pork, root vegetables (such as carrots, radishes and potatoes), mushrooms, and KONNYAKU are often used as ingredients. The ingredients for home made "TONJIRU" can be any leftover vegetables, but be sure to include pork and root vegetables. Cut the ingredients into large pieces and make the soup hearty with full of ingredients. The cooking technique for TONJIRU is a little different from that of regular MISOSHIRU. 1) Lightly fry ingredients, then add broth. 2) Add MISO and simmer ingredients. TONJIRU should be considered more a simmer dish with MISO than MISOSHIRU.

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