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Basic RAMEN noodles (Completely homemade)_Free


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Free downloadable recipe! ---------------------------------------------- Cooking level: Intermediate Duration: 1.5 hours Number of pages: 3 pages *See our recipes using this RAMEN noodles. Char siu RAMEN (Pork RAMEN) Cold RAMEN ---------------------------------------------- RAMEN is originally a Chinese dish. Now it has become one of representative dishes in Japan. The main ingredient for RAMEN noodles is flour. There are two types of flour commonly used in Japan: plain and strong flours. Combine these at the same amount to make a basic dough. The difference between the two is the amount of protein. Plain flour contains about 8% protein and strong flour contains about 12% protein. As the two are mixed together, RAMEN noodles are made of flour with about 10% protein. (It is available using all-purpose flour to replace the two types of flour.)

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