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Chicken KARA-AGE (Japanese fried chicken)

300 JPY

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Cooking level: Intermediate Duration: 1 hour Number of pages: 3 pages *Please refer to the photos for samples on each page. ---------------------------------------------- KARA-AGE is a dish in which ingredients are thinly coated with flour or potato starch and then deep fried. When we/most Japanese think of KARA-AGE, the first thing comes to mind is chicken, but the ingredients are not limited. Especially, seafood is the ingredients commonly used for KARA-AGE. Most KARA-AGE is fried after getting powder on seasoned ingredients. This style is also known as TATSUTA-AGE, and chicken KARA-AGE is this type. On the other hand, there is another style of KARA-AGE, to fry coated ingredients without seasoning, which is also called SU-AGE.

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