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Cooking level: Intermediate Duration: 1.5 hours Number of pages: 4 pages *Please refer to the photos for samples on each page. *To make vinegared rice, see our free recipe of “Basic vinegared rice”. https://contact272.stores.jp/items/5ef9ed66df62a9369ece9064 ---------------------------------------------- GOMOKU CHIRASHI-ZUSHI is a popular home cooking made with vinegared rice mixed with seasoned ingredients and decorated with such as eggs, NORI, and boiled shrimps. There are no rules for ingredients and it depends on the regions or each families. The custom of eating it on the March 3rd, the HINAMATSURI/girls festival is also seen. On the other hand, there is gorgeous “Seafood CHIRASHI-ZUSHI” decorated with raw seafood on simple vinegared rice. As it requires fresh raw fish, it is mainly served at SUSHI restaurants and not prepared at home.

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